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Brolänk Övergångskonstruktioner

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints - An important part of the long-term sustainability of bridges 

Expansion joints are an important part of bridges. They allow bridges to expand and contract without damage. This is important because variations in temperature and traffic load can change the length of bridges. The high coast bridge, for example, can move by almost two meters at each land anchorage.

Brolänk is the general agent for Maurer and RSAG and their market-leading expansion joionts. Maurer's expansion joints are of the type "Nosing expansion joints" and "modular expansion joints" and are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last up to 50 years, to be tight and functional in all situations. RSAG's expansion joints are of the type "flexible plug expansion joints" and are designed to keep as quiet and smooth a transition as possible while being maintenance-free.


Our expansion joints can be found all over our long country and the reason is that they are of the right quality and have a long service life compared to many competitors. This is something we are proud of and which we believe is important to take into account when choosing products for your projects.

If you want to ensure that your bridge is functional for many years to come, it is important that it is equipped with the right expansion joints. We are happy to help if you need help with design, drawings, assembly and more. It's just a matter of a phone call or sending an email and we'll get back to you. Brolink helps you find the best solution.

You can get in-depth information if you download our product sheets. 

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