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Bridge bearings

With a long lifespan and first-class quality

Vibrations, rotations and high loads – bridges can be strongly affected by varying loads. Maurer's bridge bearings ensure that the structure is not affected by these loads. In order to be able to guarantee the quality and the long life of the products, Maurer strives to have the highest precision, quality assurance and close cooperation with testing institutes during the manufacturing process.


Bridge bearings transfer vertical and horizontal loads from the superstructure to the columns and underlying support structure and allow rotations and movements where necessary. Depending on the types of movements required, the bearings are divided into three different types:

  • Fixed bearings (KF): The bearing handles rotations and transfers vertical loads to the substructure. 

  • Unilateral Moving Bearing (KGE): The bearing handles horizontal movements in one direction, rotations and transfers vertical loads to the substructure

  • Universally Moving Bearing (KGA): The bearing handles horizontal movements in two directions, rotations and transfers vertical loads to the substructure.


Bridge bearings adapted to the Swedish climate

Maurer's bridge bearings are of the dome bearing type and maintain a very high quality. They are especially suitable in Sweden as we have a relatively cold climate for which this type of bridge bearing is perfect. In some of the northern parts of Sweden it is even a requirement to use skull bearings.


3x longer life with reinforced rubber bearings & pot bearings

Maurer has further developed the PTFE sliding surface into their own MAURER MSM®, which has lower friction, can handle higher loads and has a significantly longer service life.  

The technical lifespan is more than three times as long as reinforced rubber bearings and pot bearings, but the cap bearing is far from three times as expensive. If you then take into account the demolition and assembly work when replacing, you really realize the advantage of quality.

Bridge bearings from Maurer are manufactured at the factory in Munich, Germany and meet the requirements according to EN1337, ETAG and are CE marked.

You can get in-depth information if you download our product sheets

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