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About us

Vår resa på Brolänk

Our journey

Since 2014, we have had an incredible journey and have grown into Sweden's leading company within our niche.

Brolänk is growing at full speed while we are careful to maintain our customer focus and always strive to do the little extra. 

Our values ​​Competence/Expertise, Together and Responsibility permeate everything we do and are the basis for our success and the journey forward continues.

Our head office is in Jordbro outside Stockholm, but we also have offices outside Gothenburg and the jobs are all over Sweden.

Vi jobbar med hållbarhet på Brolänk


Our business concept is based on sustainable construction. Our products have the highest quality on the market and the longest technical lifespan and contribute to the earth's resources being used in the best possible way. Through our special solutions, we usually find more cost-effective and at the same time more sustainable ways to build.

Image by Tom van Hoogstraten

Our core values

Competence - Our competence is both broad and deep and is based on many years of accumulated experience. We are honest, businesslike and build trust.  

Together - Our success is based on collaboration. We put the team before the individual and together we reach bigger goals that we, our suppliers and our customers are proud of.

Responsibility - We take responsibility for our tasks and our surroundings, and we are proud of the quality of our work. We protect, and develop, our skills and the professional pride found in our company.

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